About The Resident Contrarian

This is a blog about looking a little closer at arguments. Every post takes a look at the way a particular position is being promoted and tries to break it down a bit, looking for flaws or things that aren’t as presented. It’s necessarily a little nit-picky.

I don’t always disagree with the conclusions or positions the subject of the article is taking, but I think that how we convince is about as important as what we try to convince people of. I think and hope that this improves the work of the people I’m addressing.

The blog is necessarily minimally charitable. I’m not going to assume the worst of the authors I challenge, but I’m also not going to ignore probable reasons why something is wrong that are less nice or polite than “well, this might just be a simple mistake”. Motives can often be significant to understanding an argument; I will typically assume the motive that looks the most likely is true.

I am not without biases, and I make mistakes. If you find a mistake or something that’s factually untrue, please take me to task on it. If you disagree with me, please let me know - I’d like to become better, and having ways I’m not great pointed out helps me do that.

Email: residentcontrarian@substack.com